SOAVE CLASSICO Cantina di Monteforte 2019


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Light, clean and bright, with a lovely floral nose with notes of ripe peach and almond. The wine shows excellent depth on the palate and a lovely balance between ripe, aromatic fruit and fresh, zingy acidity

This co-operative, situated in the village of Monteforte d’Alpone in the eastern part of Soave Classico, has long been regarded by the Veronese merchants as the best source of Soave and Soave Classico. Gaetano (’Tano’) Tobin, winemaker for the past 18 years, has a passion for quality Soave and when he recently took over as director, decided he’d like to see some of the fruit from the best of his 1,200 hectares of vineyard through to bottle. Matt Thomson has given Tano a hand since 2004 and together they have produced wines which are clean, full, appealingly aromatic and offer superb value. Sixty percent of Monteforte’s vineyards are on the hills, and the quality of the grapes arriving at the winery is superb. One of Matt’s recommendations was a a must chiller which has revolutionised the winemaking here.  It enables the grapes to be chilled immediately upon arrival at the winery, and ensures not only that subtle perfumes are preserved, but also that damaging phenols, ever present in the skins of the grapes, are not extracted (as they give the wine a hard, tannic edge). “It is a pleasure working with Tano,” says Matt, “because he understands quality wine, and has an excellent team in the winery. I think we’ve been pretty successful in preserving the quality of the fruit in the bottle.”