‘SUSSEX DRY’ GIN, Blackdown



A clear, bright liquid. Delicate with a traditional woody aroma, the predominant notes are juniper, citrus, coriander and sweet Silver Birch sap. Full of flavour and slightly sweet, with a smooth and refined mouth feel.

Sarah Thompson, her husband Nathan and a partner purchased Lurgashall Winery in Sussex three years ago. The winery is located at the foothills of Blackdown Hills, and they soon realised the potential to use local ingredients like silver birch sap and wormwood to make small batch spirits.

We first heard about Blackdown from one of our sales people and were immediately won over when we tasted the Gin and Vermouth. We were not the only ones that liked the Gin, as Blackdown won Gold at the ‘The Spirit Business Gin Masters’ 2013, quite an impressive feat for the new kid on the block.

With martinis on our mind, we also looked at Blackdown’s Vermouth. The Vermouth is not only the first English White Vermouth but it is also made from fermenting the sap of silver birches, adding sweetness and roundness to the delicate aromas from a secret blend of herbs and spices, including wormwood and chamomile. The wine is then fortified with Sussex dry gin to reach 14.7% ABV. The new addition of Sussex Vodka further strengthens our spirit portfolio and demonstrates the diverse offering of our English producers.