SHIRAZ CABERNET ‘THE WRONG ‘UN’, One Chain Vineyards, 2016



A rich, well balanced example of the Aussie classic blend. Lush black fruits coupled with touches of woodspice, liquorice and cassis follow through to a delicious, velvety finish. This wine is consistently good from vintage to vintage.

One Chain Vineyards is one of the most successful ranges produced by Alliance Wine Australia. With a refreshed, stylish new look and crafted in a thoroughly modern fashion, One Chain Vineyards impresses on quality and delivers on value, raising the bar on the Australian classics. The Imperial Measurement of One Chain, or 22 yards, which is the length of a cricket pitch, is a nod to sportsmanship of the past but you don’t need to be a connoisseur of the great game to be bowled over by the restrained, elegant style of the Chardonnay and the bright red fruit and subtle oak of the Shiraz Cabernet.