MALINTOPPO, Simonelli-Santi 2016



This is an old school Tuscan favourite. Fragrant and fruity with a perfumed meaty earthiness with undertones of dark chocolate. Decant for a few hours before drinking.

The Orcia DOC Malintoppo and the Orcia DOC Antonio produced by Agricola Belladonna (Belladonna Farming Enterprise) are made, respectively, with 100% Sangiovese grapes (Malintoppo), and from 80% Sangiovese with 20% Cabernet Sauvignon (Antonio). The vineyards are at 400 meters above sea level in the Val d’Orcia Artistic and Natural Park. The two wines are representative of the use of traditional winemaking techniques. The sensations, the flavors, and the perfumes of the grapes, as well as of the land, are all returned to the wines throughout the entire transformation process of the grape. During winemaking, the different grape components (sugars, acids, perfumes, and colors) give rise to the complex of qualities that one ultimately finds in the wine. The manual picking of grapes and the transport of grape bunches still intact to the cellar are phases followed for the harvest in the Val d’Orcia. The grapes are then stripped and pressed with a machine that plucks the fruits rich with rough tannins from the stalk and then presses them in a manner that favors the flowing-out of must. The must begins to ferment thanks to the yeast that is found on the grape skin that transforms the sugars into ethyl alcohol, carbon dioxide and other secondary products such as glycerin and succinic acid. The complex enzymatic activity of the yeast is further responsible for the aroma that in great wines generates, after opportune aging, an intriguing bouquet of flavors and scents.