CHENIN NO.5 CAN, The Liberator 250ml



Imagine what treasures lie tucked away in forgotten corners and neglected barrels in the world’s wine cellars. Not every winemaker appreciates the gems in their care, whether due to house style or personal preference. In South Africa, one man has taken on the challenge of liberating these criminally overlooked wines, hence the name on the label.

Rick Kelley MW is the liberator in question, and every one of the exclusive, small-batch wines he releases tells its own unique story. Chenin No. 5 combines two of Rick’s big passions: old-vine Chenin Blanc (South Africa’s other gold reserve!) and canned wine.

The wine came to Rick’s attention after the project it was destined for failed to materialise. And there were a couple of reasons for putting a wine this good in a can. One, it combats the snob factor. Two, it’s better for the environment. And three, it targets a generation of drinkers keen on single-serve and switched on to the zinging 360 graphics of craft beer packaging.

But what’s going on inside the can? Lip-smacking lemon rind, crisp apples and added layers of peachy stone fruit. Utterly delicious and under a fiver.

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Chenin Blanc


South Africa


The Liberator