Vesevo in the Irpinian hills of Campania. Known as the ‘Switzerland of the South’, this is potentially one of Italy’s most exciting wine producing areas.The vineyards are situated at between 450-700m above sea level, and are subject to a constant cool breeze that blows off the Bay of Naples.

Over the centuries, this same breeze has blown volcanic ash from Vesuvius inland to give the soil here a poor, volcanic character. The flavours obtained in the vineyard are then preserved in the winery by Manuel Barbone. The white wines are fermented at New Zealand temperatures (13-14°C), resulting in much purer flavours being captured in the wine, and are definitive examples of their varieties. The Aglianico is from the warmer area of Benevento, is a fine and affordable example of one of Italy’s greatest grapes. The Taurasi is in a class of its own, as was attested to by the awards it has won in recent years.

Low temperature fermentation has retained the fresh, crisp and aromatic quality of the wine whilst still allowing its character to shine through. Perfumes of white flowers and white melon with mineral notes provide a backdrop to the full, ripe palate, and lift the finish. An elegant wine, with a lingering touch of honey.