BATUTA, Niepoort 2008



Batuta is not made every year and this is only the seventh year that Batuta has been produced. It is a wine of extremes; the tannins are present yet fine and elegant. North facing very old vineyards from Quinta do Carril are the main source for Batuta, but also older vines (about 100 years old) near Quinta de NĂ¡poles are included. Batuta results from a very delicate vinification system where the alcoholic maceration is led to the extreme with very little aggressive extraction. All details are taken into account in order to obtain this very complex, fine and elegant wine.

Intense and deep color. The aroma has great complexity, with an earthy mineral character, black fruit aromas and spicy notes of black and green pepper. Very elegant, with mineral and cigar box aromas.

Tight and precise in the palate, subtle with intense fruit flavours and impressive freshness. Fine and seductive tannic structure. Everything linked to a long lasting ending, with great persistent. To age many years in the bottle.