10 YEAR OLD TAWNY, Niepoort



10 YEAR OLD TAWNY, NiepoortNiepoort 10 Year Old Tawny Port is made by blending different tawny ports to create a blend with an average age of 10 years old. Niepoort Tawny Ports are aged in small old oak casks (550 l) in their cellars at Vila Nova de Gaia. As the port ages in barrel, the prolonged ageing in small wooden casks confers the characteristic Tawny colour. The skilful ageing and blending of the different tawny ports is the art of Niepoort’s master blender José Nogueira. The principle features of an aged tawny are the complexity of aromas, the freshness and a persistent bouquet and refinement.

Niepoort Ten Year Old Tawny Port is, unsurprisingly, tawny in colour, with aromas of dried apricots and crystallized tangerine peel well integrated with a nutty character.

Niepoort 10 Year Old Tawny Port is a good match with cheeses and especially chocolate based desserts. it can also be drunk as an aperitif, served at room temperature or lightly chilled.