Route of 4 Mile Wine Walk

Village Hall to Wine Stop One – down Flagshaw Lane, right into the community orchard and on into the woods for the first white wine.

Woods to Wine Stop Two – Exit the woods and into the Meynell Langley estate, past the Meynell Langley lake and up to the panoramic look out over Derby for the second white wine.

Lookout to Wine Stop Three – Down into the valley running parallel to the Meynell Langley estate, across the A52 and into the field below upper Kirk Langley for the first red wine.

Below Upper Kirk Langley to Wine Stop 4 – Through the fields into Upper Kirk Langley, past the Bluebell Inn, across Church Lane and into the fields overlooking Lower Kirk Langley for the 2nd of the red wines.

Back for Lunch – Through the grounds of Kirk Langley church and into the village hall for lunch.