Vinyl & Wine Night is like a normal Speakeasy but we will play four classic 70’s vinyl albums from start to finish, whilst you chat and drink with your friends in our atmospheric cellars. We will select up to 12 albums from the iconic 70’s and then Spin the Wheel of Vinyl to see which lucky LP’s will be played.

Do you have any vinyl Albums from the 80’s that you would like to be played? If so, then reserve a place – let us know which album you would like to bring along and then hope that Lady Luck is on your side when the Wheel of Vinyl is spun.

On Speakeasy nights, our cellars transform into a seated underground bar with bespoke wines, spirits, beers, ciders and nibbles

Our evenings run from 6pm to 10pm and you can reserve seats or tables for £ 7.50 per person in advance (deducted from your final bill) or just come down on the off chance that we’re not full. (Please note that if your party is 4 or less then you may have to share a table). First album will be played at 6.30pm.

The wines are changed every week and are priced to excite not only your palate but also your wallet – so come down, drink, eat, chat and relax in our atmospheric 250 year old cellars!

Here’s a sample of the drinks menu:


SPARKLING WINE, Mimi – New Zealand                                4.00        20.25
SPARKLING ROSE, Mimi – New Zealand                                4.00        20.25
CREMANT BOURGOGNE, Manoir Carra – France                    5.00        26.50


SOAVE CLASSICO, Monteforte – Italy (crisp/fruity)                3.75  6.50  17.25
PAPA FIGOS BRANCO, Ferreirinha – Portugal (fruity)             4.00  7.25  20.00
FURMINT, Mad – Hungary (dry/fruity)                                   4.50  8.25  22.75
SAUVIGNON BLANC, Greywacke – N.Zealand (crisp)              5.00  9.75  26.75


CAPE ROSE, Boschendal – S. Africa (dry/fruity)                      4.00  7.75  20.75


TINTO BLEND, Ciconia – Portugal (fruity/spicy)                      3.75  6.75  18.00
CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Pugilist – Australia (fruity)              4.00  7.25  19.25
MALBEC, La Long Bec – France (soft)                                    4.75  8.75  24.25
CARMENERE, Koyle – Chile (dark/smooth)                             5.25  9.75  27.25

WINE FLIGHT                         3 x 125ml glasses of the above still wines 13.50

SOMETHING ELSE?               Choose a bottle add £8.50 to the retail price which will give you the cost


GIN, Pickerings      3.00  5.50          GIN, Osmoz Classic   3.00  5.50
GIN, Blackdown     3.00 5.50           GIN, Fifth Spire        3.25  6.00
GIN, Vita Bella       3.25 6.00           VODKA, Basmoon     3.00  5.50
RUM, Diplomatico  3.25  6.00         GRAPPA, Vitanza      3.00  5.50
WHISKY, Bladnoch 3.00  5.50         WHISKY, Breizh        3.00  5.50


St STEFANUS         3.00                   LEFFE BLONDE         2.75
HOEGAARDEN       2.75                   PERONI                    2.50
ESTRELLA DAMN   2.50                   BREWDOG IPA          2.50
UBU PURITY          2.75                   MAD GOOSE             2.75
YOUNGS DOUBLE  2.75                   PLUM PORTER           2.75
JAKES CIDER         2.50                   DROUIN CIDRE          7.00


PELLEGRINO         3.00                   COCA COLA               1.75
BEES KNEES         2.50                   NESPRESSO COFFEE   2.50

Here’s a sample of the nibbles we offer:

Cheeseboard – £12
A selection of 6 different cheeses with assorted crackers

Meat section board – £10
A selection of 4 different meats with toasted Ciabatta Bread and tapenade

Dipping Bowls – £ 7
3 flavours that work together – Served with Ciabatta Bread
Italian Olive oil, Olives, Hummus

Homemade Pate – £ 7.50
Monique’s Brandy and Orange Chicken Liver Pate
Served with Toasted Ciabatta Bread and Redcurrant Jelly

Chorizo a la Sidra – served warm £ 7
Chorizo Sausage in Cider is one of the most traditional tapas
This dish is cooked fresh to order and will take about 20 mins