THREE MONKEYS RED, The Rude Mechanicals 2013


Product Description

Shiraz and Grenache squabble for superiority in this troupe of varietals, ultimately tamed by the sanguine addition of old vine Mataro’s ancient wisdom. The resulting wine is bursting with dark energy yet harnessed by a karmic suggestion. Black, animal and alive, this will open in the glass to reveal its inner meaning… A classic Aussie blend – bright, really juicy, not too rich and highly quaffable.

THE RUDE MECHANICALS… a roughly-hewn and hybrid bunch of hapless hams whose play-within-a-play lives as a list within our list, not necessarily to be repeated but purely to express some individual urge – an itch scratched, a plan made flesh, an idea finally hatched, some sudden rush of blood, just something fresh. Every year Boutinot challenges some of our best producers to make something they might not usually make – something fun, different, exciting and a treat to drink.