ST EMILION GRAND CRU, Cardinal Villemaurine 2011


Product Description

Situated at the centre of the small, historic town of Saint-Emilion, the estate has been family-run for the past four generations. The name of this tiny vineyard originates from the time of the Saracen invasions around 732, when the Moor armies set up an observation camp here – hence the name of Villemaurine, meaning the town of the Moors. Produced with passionate dedication by Jean-Francois Carrille, this wine expresses all the finesse and elegance of this exceptional terroir.

Deliciously elegant and succulent Saint Emilion with plenty of up front fruit and complex spice and toasty notes. The palate is very round and soft due to the 70% Merlot in the blend, spiced plums, damson and cocoa comes across beautifully on the mid palate. A very well made wine that definately over delivers for the money. Try with roast meats in particular venison with cep and porcini mushrooms.