PICPOUL DE PINET, Domain des Lauriers 2015


Product Description

The estate was created in 1969 and now extends to 40 hectares of vineyard spread through the Mediterranean garrigue. It is run by Marc Cabrol, who combines winegrowing with selling agricultural machinery. Eleven grape varieties in total are grown on these very diverse soils. Half are Picpoul vines, clustered on slopes of red earth covered with heat reflecting pebbles. The winery was built in the early 1900’s but was thoroughly modernised by the current owners in 1995. Considerable earth moving was carried out to bury the east side of the winery, thus improving the humidity, ensuring a constant temperature within the winery and also allowing for the grapes to be tipped straight down into the presses within 45 minutes of picking, so maintaining the freshness essential for Picpoul.

Picpoul de Pinet is a very localised white grape growing just inland of the Mediterranean shore south of Montpellier. Marc Cabrol makes an atypical, rich and rounded style that still has the lemony balance required to match fish and oysters.