HOFPASCH AUSLESE RIESLING, Andreas Bender 2015 37.5cl


Product Description

Making wines in both Mosel and in the Pfalz, young winemaker Andreas Bender (still in his 30s) displays an unerring capacity to create a compelling balance of fruit and acidity. In his work philosophy Bender combines high quality, a sense of good soils and premium grapes, gentle cellar work, old vineyard crafts and new, modern “wine-thinking.”

In his family home, he pulls out wines that were “made for myself” just to see what he could produce. As we taste a 12-year-old late harvest, he recalls some ridiculed him. Fewer people laugh at him now that his wines grace the table of Chancellor Angela Merkel, whenever she wants to show her international guests the superb quality German artisanal producers can offer. The Kulina series is the purest expression of a winemaker’s vision and passion.

Honeyed gold; soaring, intense aromas of citrus, quince and honeysuckle; lush and long in the mouth, captivating balance of fruit and acidity, with a rich and persistent finish.