GRAVONIA BLANCO CRIANZA, Lopez de Heredia 2007


Product Description

Viña Gravonia is a white wine made by Bodega R. Lopez Heredia Viña Tondonia, one of the historic wineries in the DO Rioja.
La Bodega Viña Tondonia is located in the Barrio de la Estación in Haro, a historic area. An area of the world with the highest concentration of wineries per square meter.
Viña Gravonia is a single variety Viura.
The grapes come from the Viña Zaconia estate, an estate owned by the winery, located on the banks of the River Ebro with 50 years old vineyards.
They are planted at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level with poor soils containing a lot of stones.
The harvest is done manually, taking care of each bunch so that the grape does not break and start premature fermentation.
The grapes are transferred to the winery in about 100 kilo containers of poplar wood made in the cooperage in the winery.
The grapes are broken to release the must, this is fermented without the skins in large oak vats.
Viña Gravonia undergoes a four years aging in oak barrels and is subjected to two rackings every year. Viña Tondonia is one of the few wineries that still produces their own barrels in the cooperage that is installed in the winery.
Once the aging has finished, it is clarified with fresh egg whites and bottled without being filtered.
Viña Gravonia can be drunk immediately or stored at a good temperature and humidity for 10 years.
Viña Gravonia is a very special white wine. It seems like a red with its body and richness, but keeps all the freshness of a white.