LES ANTIMAGNES ROSE, Domaine Escaravailles 2015


Product Description

A fairly full bodied rose that’s also crisp and refreshing. Good with food or on it’s own. Peaches predominate with redcurrant notes as well.

Domaine des Escaravailles is owned by the Ferran family who took over in 1953 and is today run by Gilles Ferran after he took over from his father in 1999. His first wine was “La Ponce”. The vineyard today has a total of 65 hectares under vines, of which 40 hectares is located in Rasteau and the remaining 25 hectares are spread out over the Cairanne, Villedieu and Saint Roman. One of the great advantages of this winery is its altitude (250 m) with steep slopes, so the vines are guaranteed a good exposure to the sun and efficient drainage of the soil, and the relatively cool environment is able to provide a fresher and more aromatic must.

Gilles works hard to rise to the very top in this area, and therefore he has hired his old school mate, Philippe Cambie, who is very well known for its efforts in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, where he now consults at many top wineries. This collaboration has – in addition to measures such as lower yields, later harvest and stricter selection – meant that every year on the domaine they declassify a large part of the harvest to sell it as bulk wine to a part of the Rhône valley’s most recognized negociants.

Today the winery makes about 150,000 bottles, distributed in a variety of appellations and cuvées.