Product Description

Full, ripe rose made by adding still Pinot Noir wine at the time of disgorgement. Classy strawberry fruit, a touch of violet, all packaaged in a stylish ‘painted’ bottle.

Our first Champagne Rosé dates back to 1976, an outstanding and very sunny year. Today, it is blended with red wine from our best Pinot Noir varieties. Full of charm, very feminine and fruity, elegant as an aperitif or with a dessert, this wine comes in a transparent bottle (with or without a “Poppy” screen-print), which allows us to appreciate its deep pink colour.

The nose offers red berry, strawberry and boiled sweet aromas, while, on the palate, there is a concentration of raspberry and redcurrant flavours, highlighting the complexity of a convivial Champagne that still knows how to be elegant and refined.