POUILLY FUME, Bruno Blondelet 2017


Product Description

Pouilly Fumé – a funny name for a wine!
Yet it is here, in Pouilly-sur-Loire, that the Sauvignon grape variety develops unrivalled complexity and aromatic palate.

A dry, fruity white wine, Pouilly Fumé is full-bodied. It recreates for us the inimitable taste of the Pouilly land in its bottle thanks to its “flinty” aromas. Its mineral and fruity aromas are its trademark!

Several million years old, the Pouilly land, made up of Kimmeridgian marls and hard calcareous rock and flint, gives Pouilly Fumé its minerality, finesse and its rather fresh and lively character, clear-cut and long in the mouth, with hints of fruit always present. These may include citrus fruits (hints of lemon and grapefruit), fruits from the area and elsewhere (redcurrant, bush-peach, passion fruit, lychee), white flowers (acacia, lily); as well as hazelnut and quince.

Here in this incomparable land, the fine Pouilly wines are born from the constant labours of the wine producers, for your pleasure.

The subtlety of our land is a source of curiosity and an invitation – come and discover it for yourself! !

A few pointers : Pouilly Fumé can be kept for five to ten years, according to the year and vintage. It normally peaks in its second or third year. It exists as a white wine only and should not be confused with the similar-sounding Maçon wine, Pouilly Fuissé , a product of the Chardonnay grape.